Tina & Sergej, Koper January 18, 2017

There is something about weddings at the seaside, especially if you have as awesome bride and groom as I had in front of me that day 🙂


When I first met Tina and Sergej, I was really looking forward to start creating something with them. They are both tattoo artists. They own a studio in center of Ljubljana – Red cat tattoo, don’t know if you heard of it before. If you’re thinking of getting yourself inked, I suggest that you look at their portfolio and think twice where you’re getting  that tattoo 🙂


For starters, their prewedding session from Mangartsko sedlo is already on my page. I wrote about it couple of weeks ago, you can find it here.


Their wedding day was at the seaside in Koper, Slovenia. Everything was so simple and smooth that day.


All the preparations took place where they live at the moment, civil ceremony was in the city hall. Our shooting was something special this time. We took a ride with their uncle’s boat.. I could get used to that if I’m honest 🙂 Afterwards we went to this awesome place above Koper, it’s somesort of a picnic place, super location for outdoor weddings. It’s called Bio Hotel Koper, Šantoma. There all the magic happened.


As I mentioned before, Tina and Sergej are tattoo artists. If all the guests wanted to take a picture with them, they needed to get a tattoo 🙂 How unique and personal, right? Even their grandmother got one! 🙂


All the details, flowers and decorations were homemade. I really admire all the people who invest their time and money into making something so personal and unique for their own wedding instead of clicking on the internet.


Enough said. Tina and Sergej, thank you once again for trusting me such a huge role, being your wedding photographer.




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