Shauna & Sid, Lake Bled December 10, 2016

I think Lake Bled is one of the most popular destinations to get married in our beautiful country Slovenia. Funny thing, after all weddings I covered, I actually worked for the first time on a full wedding there as a wedding photographer. And I’m really happy that it was this one.


Shauna and Sid came from Ireland. When I asked them, why they choosed to get married at Lake Bled, the answer was: “Lovro, look around. Still wondering why?”. And I totally agree with them 🙂


Their wedding day took place at Grand Hotel Toplice, planned by Petra Čuk. I cannot describe how much positive energy was in the air that day, just wow. Everyone so kind, happy, open minded. Honestly, I would work every single day in this kind of atmosphere if I had the opportunity. I’m really glad that I was a part of their day.


My good friend and an awesome film maker Alena from Fragments collection was by my side that day. You need to check beside my pics below her video as well. It’s beautiful! Click here :).


Shauna and Sid, thank you both. Wish you all the best.




P.S.: I would also like to thank my dear friend Blaž Gutman for assisting me on this one 🙂



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