Neža & Matjaž in Rome, Italy April 27, 2016

Neža and Matjaž.


Neža is a wonderfull wedding, family and newborn photographer – check here work here, and Matjaž is a succesfull Slovenian ski jumper.


Me and couple of other friends were together in Rome in April, because of the Way up North seminar for wedding photographers (which is by the way the most incredible experience).


Before I left home and went towards this adventure in Italy I said to myself.. how awesome would it be to create some memories for someone there.. and Neža and Matjaž were the perfect fit for that!


We woke up early, 5.30 a.m. early. Because Rome is so big and crowded, I thought the only way to get some beautiful light without too crowded spots is when everyone is still asleep. And I was right 🙂


That morning light was so gorgeous. And great city of Rome was totally empty, unforgettable.

Hope you like the pics as much as I do.