What can I say about this engagement session? No words needed, but still, I’ve got to write something 🙂


I love nature. I love everything about nature. I always loved to wander around, explore new places. It always clears my mind, keeps me calm, helps me find some inspiration.. If you don’t believe me, check my personal Instagram account. It contains only landscape photos which I took with my phone while wandering around 🙂


If I could choose where I would spend couple of days off, I’d rather pick fresh mountain air over crowded seaside, full od tourists.


I was always amazed by this little town called Bovec in Slovenia, which is located in Triglav national park. In winter time you can ski on Kanin, in summer time you can cool off in river Soča, cycle, raft or hike – wherever you want, there’s like a hundred options. One of them is Mangart.


I had this wish to shot an engagement session (or even a wedding 🙂 ) of one of my couples on Mangart from the first time I’ve been there. Amazing landscape and even more amazing views.. and these two were just the perfect fit for all that.


Check the photos below, let me know what do you think 🙂







Wedding season is officially over for me. You know what? It’s been a blast!

I met so many incredible and inspired people, I’ve been working through all over Slovenia, even on Mali Lošinj, Croatia and Tuscany, Italy – three whole days, which was by the way the most incredible experiance. I feel so privileged that my couples trust me such a huge role on their day, being their wedding photographer. Once again, thank each and everyone of you for making it happen!


Back to the point 🙂 Staša and Aljaž were one of my first couples in 2016. One day before their wedding day we took some time for our prewedding session and drove to Lesce Airport (Aljaž is a pilot by the way), afterwards we ended up at Lake Bohinj, for me one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia. Oh, right! I almost forgot to mention their dog Zofi, who was also a part of this day 🙂 .. at the end I was quietly thinking if it’s possible to take her home with me without anyone noticing 🙂


Check it out, hope you like it. Soon I’ll show you their wedding day from Goriška Brda, which was incredible 🙂


Staša and Aljaž, thank you! Cheers,






Neža and Matjaž.


Neža is a wonderfull wedding, family and newborn photographer – check here work here, and Matjaž is a succesfull Slovenian ski jumper.


Me and couple of other friends were together in Rome in April, because of the Way up North seminar for wedding photographers (which is by the way the most incredible experience).


Before I left home and went towards this adventure in Italy I said to myself.. how awesome would it be to create some memories for someone there.. and Neža and Matjaž were the perfect fit for that!


We woke up early, 5.30 a.m. early. Because Rome is so big and crowded, I thought the only way to get some beautiful light without too crowded spots is when everyone is still asleep. And I was right 🙂


That morning light was so gorgeous. And great city of Rome was totally empty, unforgettable.

Hope you like the pics as much as I do.









Masa & Denis

March 10, 2016

This was my first shooting in 2016. Maša and Denis were on my wishlist for couple’s photo session for a while and they were so kind to take some time and drive with me to this beautiful location where I always find my peace, wander around and just breath some good mountain air.


Hope you like it 🙂


These two. Eva and Igor live and work in Singapore and flew all over to Slovenia to celebrate their wedding day with the ones they love.


I cannot describe how happy I was when they choose me as their wedding photographer. All happened so quick, they came to Slovenia at the beginning of July, got married and within one week flew back.


We met a couple of days before their wedding day at this beautiful location Jezersko in Slovenia. I’m still amazed how beautiful it was.


Can’t wait to show you their wedding story. It was just perfect..

Enough words, check their prewedding session. Hope you like it!





Good words

February 24, 2016

It means so much to me to receive such great feedback like this one from Eva and Igor.


“July 04 2015 has been absolutely the most amazing day of our lives and Lovro as our photographer
has played a huge role in making it just the way we have imagined it! He has been amazing from the first e-mail we have sent to him – his responsiveness and attentiveness have really took weight off our shoulders since we had decided to plan our wedding from abroad. And when we finally got to meet him in person on our pre-wedding shooting (which is by the way one of the best recommendations he has given us, so go for it!), we were even more convinced we have made the right decision of picking him as our photographer. He is unbelievably passionate about photography, impressively skilful and his presence is almost unnoticeable but he manages perfectly to capture every moment. We love he respects and incorporates couple’s wishes without loosing his own creativity and how excited he gets when he catches that perfect moment of you two gazing into each others eyes. Most of all he is a very reliable person. We got our wedding photos two weeks after our big day and they were stunning! We still show them off to anyone that is willing to sit through couple hundreds of them 🙂 We highly recommend him to anyone and everyone for he has made sure this day will be a perfect memory for us and all our guests.”


Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.



I know Neža and Blaž for a long time and when they contacted me for being their wedding photographer, I got really excited and.. honestly happy.


For their engagement session we choosed a local hill, approximately 5 minutes away from where we live. It’s interesting how we overlook beautiful and quiet places because we’re seeing them everyday. It’s somekind of trend with the photographers these days to have gorgeous locations somewhere in the mountains, by the sea,.. somewhere where it is not accessible to everyone every day. Location is important, everyone knows that, but it’s also the energy and the photographer’s visual approach that counts.


All the photos are black and white. Why? Because it’s different. Because I really like black and white. Because I can :).







It’s kinda funny, since I wrote in the previous post that I haven’t been sharing much lately, but now I’ve got this feeling I’m posting too much at the same time. Obviously I’ve got too much new stories to share.. Oh well 🙂


Slavica and Mile. I’m very  glad that I met them and had the privilege to document their wedding day. Spending time with them was just super relaxed and super fun. We went to the woods nearby their home in Ljubljana and made an engagement portrait session.


Feel free to comment and share.




Hi there!


Long time since I posted sth here. A lot of things have happened, but I’ll write about that some other time. I promise it’ll be more up to date from now on 🙂


Today I’m sharing with you one of the first engagement sessions this year from May. All the photos were taken in a small city called Trebnje in Slovenia, about 1 hour drive from my home.


Hope you like it. Feel free to comment and share.




I’ve got some great news..


Do you remember these two?
Špela and Tadej at Zabreška planina in Gorenjska, Slovenia. They said yes in the mountains and drop down with their mountain bikes. That day was unforgettable and I’m still glad that they picked me as their wedding photographer.


My pictures of their wedding day were published in Slovenian magazine Moja Poroka. I can’t describe how happy I was when I recieved Špela’s email.


Thanks again you guys!


Fresh start

June 5, 2015

The Times They Are a-Changin Bob Dylan sang about fifty years ago. Accelerations are nowadays much bigger when back then, things happen and change very quickly, so after two years I decided to change and rearrange my website, actually make two of them. This one is entirely suitable for weddings, the other one is for my advertising and personal projects. You can check it out here.


I’m very thankfull for your visits, comments and sharing of my work with your friends.




PS: Big thanks goes to a young, very talented programmer and graphic designer Miroslav Rajković. Things happened because of him. Check out his awesome work here.