Eva & Igor, Kodarinov Mlin January 5, 2016

I’m pretty sure that I’ll remember this day for all my life. The biggest reason are these two – Eva and Igor.


Their day started at this small village named Košštabona in a luxury and very homey Villa Europa with an outdoor pool and beautiful backyard with vineyards and lavender fields. How beautiful that sounds, right? Wait, it gets better 🙂


After some refreshing in the pool, all the wedding guests got ready and went towards Kodarinov Mlin, where the ceremony, reception and of course the wedding party took place. Kodarinov Mlin has his charm. It’s situated in Dragonja valley, surrounded by nature, in the middle of nowhere basically, without any mobile signal, internet etc.


When I first saw Kodarinov Mlin as a wedding venue, I said to myself: “I could be here every single day” 🙂 Owner, Vasja Kodarin bought an old mill and totally renewed it to what you can see on the photos below.


What was special about this wedding is that Eva and Igor live and work in Singapore and they visit their families and friends once or maybe twice a year. You could feel so much love, gratitude and happiness in the air that day. I’m really happy that they picked me as their wedding photographer and even more happy that we became really good friends.


I also published their testimonial and also their engagement shooting from Jezersko. You should also check these two posts out 🙂
Hope you like the photos. Cheers!




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