About Me

Although I swear on more pictures and fewer words, completely without them is not possible. My name is Lovro, I am 27 years old (this will change) and I am a photographer (this will not).


I studied computer science and have come to a golden realization that some people are not born for binary system (everything is zero or one, is it or it’s not). The world is yet to complicated, colorful and full of details. That is how I discovered photography.


My first love was black-and-white analog photography, films, darkroom, the smell of developer and fixer. You never forget your first, but there’s always a place in my heart for more and now a reportage and advertising photography are also keeping my first love a company.


But all weddings are the same, how is it possible that you do not get tired of them, an old friend once asked me, who insisted on studying computer science. In his binary system this is even true, but in life absolutely not. Always new faces, ecstatic expectations, wonderful laughter and loud joy, love glance, sun scorch and thundering downpours, unknown places and stories.


Photography for me is a brilliant privilege. And I am willing to follow it anywhere in the world. I live in Slovenia, central Europe, and you two are not too far as well.


This is my story. How about yours?